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Ram Srinivasan

Ram has over 30 years experience in engineering and marketing management over a spectrum of high technology companies (Enterprise, B2B, B2C) across multiple segments (Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Second Screen etc.) He was the founding CEO of Fireclick which was acquired by Digital River. Previously he was a member of the executive team at RightPoint (acquired by E.piphany), Red Brick Systems (IPO), Informix, and Hewlett-Packard. He is a Venture Partner at Wellington-Partners and the Chair of the Steering Committee for GSVA (German Silicon Valley Accelerator).

Ram's technical intuition allows him to cut through technology and focus on business challenges crying for elegant solutions. His penchant for solving gnarly business challenges brings multi-disciplined teams together rapidly. Ram focuses on delivering results with a unique blend of intuition, discipline and creativity. Ram has post graduate degrees from UCSB and Indian Institute of Science with a bachelors from NITK (National Institute of Technology, Karnataka).

Yuval Bar-Or

Yuval is a serial entrepreneur who has managed technology and biotech companies for over thirty years. He has engineering, marketing and operation experience in cybersecurity, wireless communication, telecommunication, and life sciences. He was founding CEO of GeneMark, a company applying DNA sequence analysis to detect somatic mutation detection assays for guiding targeted anti-cancer therapies in cancer patients. Prior to GeneMark, he was the founding CEO of Probix (acquired by Heisei Denden), an enterprise information security solution provider. He led the company from inception, through product development, commercialization, and to product deployment at Global Fortune 2000 companies.

Prior to Probix, he was Vice President, New Technology, at Cylink Corporation, where he was responsible for numerous successful and very profitable programs. During his ten years tenure, Cylink grew from a startup company into the industry standard in cybersecurity. He holds MSEE from the University of California, San Diego, and BS (Magna Cum Laude) in Applied Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

About NewBlue Consulting

NewBlue brings a practical approach delivering results. NewBlue consultants analyze the verticals being addressed to identify the addressable market segments and associated strategies to address these opportunities. Identification of niche" market segments is achieved by NewBlue iterating through the segments in each vertical where the client solutions can impact with palpable value.

During this process we facilitate customer/consumer interviews and draw upon our expertise. Finally, we recommend a feature/functionality mix appropriate for the offerings from the NewBlue client, competitive product(s), ecosystem, channel(s), pricing model and existing client base to craft actionable paths to success.

With the goals of increasing market adoption and reach, NewBlue applies their technology and product expertise to identify specifics that will help sharpen product value propositions, clarify outbound messaging, develop partners, and, most importantly grow both the top and bottom line.

Because of clear pre-defined deliverables, our clients find us very focused on what is innovative, achievable, and practical. This commitment puts pressure on us, reduces risk for our clients, and creates sustainable relationships producing measurable results.

NewBlue engagements are typically in 3 areas: Market, Product and Channel Development.